2 October 2010

Goddess of .. Zen living: Oh Happy Day !

Do you ever look up at the sky and just feel happy ?

I've been doing that every day after work for the past three weeks. I love to look up at the beautiful blue sky and feel the light Autumn breeze on my hands and face.

I get out of work, turn on my ipod, plug it into my ears and start walking. I walk to the nearest subway and meanwhile, I marvel at the wonderful neighborhood where I now have the pleasure of working.

And that's just after work.

My work day is just as great. I love what I do, it's challenging, fast-paced and fun. I have a lot of liberty and responsabilities in my work.. and I get to see the results of my efforts every week. The people I work with are awesome, so awesome that I've hung out with a co-worker one night, just because. She's my age, likes the same things as me (the same tv shows, local bars, restaurants, types of people, designs/decorations, etc.), she's also a blogger and she's always fun & happy. That's my new requirement for friends: Must be positive.

What does it take for you to happy? A little or a lot?

I am happy with very little, although I enjoy luxury.. I believe that I'm a positive person from the inside-out and not the other way around.

Since I started working full-time (actually, having two jobs is more like working overtime), I've been looking at condominiums for sale recently and I've realized that I would be happy with just a small efficient pleasant space. 

What are some of the things you could live without? 

I don't need or want two bedrooms. I don't need a giant kitchen or a large dining area. I don't need a breath-taking view of the city. To me, it's comforting to know that even if there ever comes a time when I am less fortunate or lucky in life (*knock on wood*).. I won't be miserable because I am fundamentaly happy. 

When it comes to your living space, what do you really want?

I have been thinking about my first (very own) living space.. for years now.

I am still living with my mother but I feel much better about it than I did a year ago. I know it's only temporary and I am seeing the bigger picture: I am saving up to buy a place of my own rather then renting out.

My basic requirements: About 500 square feet (or more), could be a loft but I want a bedroom with a door or some kind of division (so that I don't hear the fridge when I am in my bed), a bathtub (I am looking forward to long relaxing baths) and a balcony (it doesn't have to be huge).

Optional things I would love: Granite countertops, a U-shaped kitchen (I just prefer that layout), big windows with lots of light and a brick wall in the living room. But really, I don't need any of this to be happy . I'd rather spend less on the place itself and have more money for other projects such as travelling & an overall better quality of life on a daily basis.   

What are the small things (or people) that make you smile ?


Kristin said...

Simply listening to my toddler giggle puts an instant grin on my face!

~KS said...

This is a fabulous post... it doesn't take much to make me happy at all. Waking up with a cool breeze blowing through the window will put an instant smile on my face. Saying hello to someone on my walk to school is instant happiness in my heart. Little things... being silly, laughing... just being alive.

Ria said...

Amazing post!
Every small thing makes me happy.The folowers' colors being so bright makes me happy.My puppy being silly makes me happy.Having friends who are also being silly (at times) makes me happy :)

Andy said...

... And then bam! Winter comes and you never see the sun again.