9 October 2010

Goddess of .. The Little Things !

I have been blessed with a lot of work recently: my new job (I'm over a month in now, YAY!), my freelance work and now, additionnal contractual writing work for my employer !

That makes for some busy weeks.. doing full-time during the week + freelance & contractual work on the weeknights and weekends. Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy about it, I love being busy and getting a little more money.. but it doesn't leave much room for other stuff (i.e. sports, friends, dating, sleeping in, etc.).

Thankfully, tonight I ordered in for dinner and took pleasure in the little things (i.e. sushi + heineken).

Sushi in the living room (because I was working on the kitchen table), 
with a little Diana Krall jazz music playing in the background 
and a cold Heineken..

.. and THIS is how I roll when I'm working from home on a Saturday night!

Exciting, uh ? Alright, I've procrastinated enough for one night :)

Ciao bloggies,


~KS said...

That sushi looks amazing... I had a bit too much to drink on Friday so the beer makes me sick looking at it, but in a week or so I'm sure that will change!!

Glad you're keeping busy!!! Hoooray for all the work!

siovhan said...

I know how the busy thing goes! Haha.
But I'm SO SO SO glad you've found something you love doing -- that's so hard to find!

Sarah said...

I am going to have to take a hard stance with this Heineken business. I had one on Friday and it was nasty.

Novelista Barista said...

hey girl! u won my giveaway!!! send me ur email so i can forward u the gift certificate!


D said...

That looks like the perfect night! That was me on Friday night- only I had dumplings and a bottle of white wine!

Lindsey said...

I had sushi and beer last night too. Crunch roll....it was SOOOO good. Is it bad that I want another one today?

wanderingmenace said...


I'm all about it.