November 26, 2012

Three months in to the big move to Paris and life is good!

I've been working from home for the same company I was working for before, except that I'm now a freelancer (social media & web marketing consultant). It's been great and has allowed me the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Lolita came to visit, about 2 weeks after I moved, in early September. We went to Berlin together for 4 days and it was SO fun. We hadn't travelled together for a while, so it was really nice to do so.. especially to a city neither of us had visited before. I loved Berlin, the food, the sights and all the freedom (i.e. drinking in the streets ;) was fun).

About a month after we moved, Nick was assigned his first project and it was going to be out of town. In Marseille (south of France) to be exact. I was a little bummed at first, not for him obviously this is great.. but selfishly, I didn't know anybody in Paris yet and he'd be gone Monday-Thursday (or Friday) for the following 9 weeks.

Fast-forward to the end of November, and this week is his last week in Marseille. In retrospect, it was alright! I was mostly bummed in October but I did visit him twice.. once for a week in early October and then, for 2 weeks around his birthday in November. Compared to all the time we spent apart last year, this really wasn't bad.

Plus, the time I spent in Marseille was pretty fun. It was much warmer there and we were staying in a really nice hotel right by the beach. We haven't had a real routine of "life at home" but that'll come soon enough. Until then, we enjoyed the warm days & the sun!

Nick had his first long weekend off in November, and we jumped at the chance to travel a little bit. We set our heart on Milan (with a daytrip to nearby Bergamo), Italy. It really didn't disappoint. We're both food & wine lovers so Italy really feels like home. Plus, the whole "aperitivo" thing in Milan is genius.. it's happy hour but with a large buffet of italian appetizers. It was really fun to see how competitive the bars get about who has the best buffet... we tried several -- All yummy!

We took a tour around Milan one morning before I had to work, to see all the main sights and get the lay of the land. It was incredible, we visited the Scala Opera house, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the incredible Duomo (Cathedral), the Castello Sforzesco (Medival castle), & the painting of The Last Supper by Da Vinci. We also went back to the Duomo another day to climb up to the roof, what an amazing experience!

Our daytrip to Bergamo was equally amazing (except for le rain). We took a 45-minute train ride that brought us to the center of the Citta Bassa (Lower town) of Bergamo. It was easy enough from there to walk to the Funicolare that took us to the Citta Alta (Upper town). It's a really charming, lovely town.. with lots of bakeries, places to eat and beautiful duomos (churches). We also decided to hike it up (ALL the way up) to the San Vigilio castle. The castle itself wasn't the most impressive thing, but the view from the highest point in the city was worth the painful hike in the rain without an umbrella. My bad :/ I forgot the umbrella at the hotel that morning. Don't worry.. I paid for my sins with a nice cough & cold the following week.

And now we're back in beautiful Paris for the last few weeks before heading home for the Holidays. To be honest, I'm also looking forward to being with my mom & friends for almost a month. It'll be nice to catch up on all the things I've missed!

Take care bloggaroos, I'll update you soon!

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August 30, 2012

Here's a collection of images from my first week now living in gorgeous Paris 

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August 25, 2012

Wow. Here we are.

Over a month has gone by since my last post.. and so much has happened since.

We moved out of our (my) apartment in MyCity and moved in with my mom. We lived out of our suitcases for the better part of 3 weeks. We went to dinner/drinks/parties with friends & family, and tried to make the best of what little time we had left. I worked full-time until the day before our departure.

Then, we packed it all up for good. I had a carry-on and a suitcase. My life fit in 30kg's worth of luggage. Scary thought for a materialist such as myself. Although by achieving that (selling all my furniture, giving away most of my clothes & packing what little was left into 30kg), I can hardly consider myself a materialist anymore.

Saturday night, 7:35pm was our scheduled flight time. Obviously, the plane was late. We ended up leaving at 11:50pm. The wait at the airport was kinda unbearable. I was glad to get an extra few hours with my mom and bestfriend who came to the airport... but the goodbyes were prolonged and it was harder that way I guess.

In any case, we managed to board the plane without too much crying on my part. We had horribly tight seats and an overall very uncomfortable flight... but we made it to the City of Lights!

We took a cab and got to our apartment, where our new landlord showed us the ways of the place. We got settled in and unpacked everything in the first few hours. Then, we took a walk around the neighborhood and to Place de la Concorde, where we admired the sunset over the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

It was glamourous and more! This place is so fabulous and I feel so blessed to be an "insider" now. Well, maybe not quite yet but I can't wait to know this city well.

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July 23, 2012

Life is passing me by these days. I'm moving out of my apartment, and moving to Paris. It's official now, well, it shall be truly official when I get my visa in a couple of weeks.

Since I came back from vacation, I had a million things to do for my visa. I sent in my application last Wednesday.. and then, I needed to start packing.

I'm moving out this Sunday, as I'll be working during the week (official move-out date is July 31st). Thankfully, I've managed to sell most of my big pieces of furniture (bed, sofa-bed, dining set) but we'll be moving the rest (bookcases, nightstands, leather chair & ottoman) along with lots of boxes this weekend. I guess it's really the ideal scenario, but my mom is seriously stressing me out. "Yes, I know I'm last-minute. No, I cannot turn back time. Yes, I will be done on time."

The good news is: Nick is here. He's helpful and loving.. that's everything I need. Don't get me wrong, my mom is loving too, but just a little stressful right now.

We're dropping items at 3 spots (my mom's, Nick's mom's and Nick's dad's place) and I feel bad about invading everyone with my boxes.. but really, I don't have a choice. Paying for storage would come up to about $1,000+ for a year. I just hope I can minimize the number of boxes.. it's hard to purge when you moved just a year ago and purged back then too.

I'm starting to hate "stuff". I'm really glad I made a serious effort not to buy too much of it in the past year.

We'll be spending the next few weeks at my mom's and at Nick's mom's place.. until the BIG move.

Blog you later,
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June 24, 2012

It's so exciting: I'm leaving on Wednesday night! Headed to Paris and then, we're off to Mykonos.

It's Nick's graduation trip from his MBA, that will be taking us to Mykonos for a week of fun in the sun. I haven't seen Nick since my birthday, so about 2 months now! I can't wait to see him and hang out with him. We've promised to have fun by the beach and just party with his MBA friends. It'll be an amazing trip and I just can't wait to go.

We also have his graduation ceremony in early July (back in France) and hanging out with some of his family who will be flying to France as well for the event. It's exciting!

In other news, we'll also be visiting an apartment in Paris, as Nick got a job offer there starting this Fall. It may be earlier than we planned, but visas pending, we should be moving to France at the end of August. WOW, someone please provide me with a paper bag.. I'm hyperventilating.

Could this be happening?

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