15 October 2010

Goddess of .. The Girl with the Pink Umbrella!

Pink umbrella, pink phone, pink ipod.
Black coat, black boots, black mood.
I was a walking contradiction this morning.

You know you're having a bad morning when..

  • It's raining cats and dogs outside, yet you still have to wake up early to go to work.
  • You make coffee but it tastes more like dish water than anything.
  • You're having a bad hair day because of the rain.
  • You leave the house later than you should because you were trying to fix your bad hair day.
  • You find a soaking wet parking ticket on your car because you forgot to move it last night.
  • You move your car, pick up the dripping ticket and drop it back inside the house.
  • You walk to/from the bus in the rain (blowing wind), fighting an umbrella that keeps flipping.
  • You get to work late, all wet, with your hair a completely ridiculous mess.

That's a sucky morning.
Fortunately, bad moods have a hard time sticking on me. 

I'm SO over it!

Happy weekend bloggies!


Lindsey said...

Shitty day but hopefully a much better weekend!

Mademoiselle Deva said...

Wow! I don't rememeber when was the last time I had such a bad morning! Hope your Saturdays mornings are much better!

almost loved said...

Yes, I hate bad hair days and then the rain just comes and makes it worse than it already it.