9 February 2010

Goddess of .. Trading Spring Flings for Spring Things!

Uhmm, Spring Flings .. well maybe not so much. Any resemblance of a love life I may have had is a thing of the past .. and by past I mean .. 2009. Yup, it is that sad. Can't believe it's February already.

I'm in a great mood though. Single, jobless and happy. Could it be ?

There may not be any Spring Flings anywhere in sight for me but there are still plenty of Spring Things to feast my eyes on :
Like photographs by The Sartorialist

Like a Valentine's Day movie date with my (single) girlfriends
Like my awesome new red carry-on
33.99$ CAD @ Costco .. get yours today ;o)
Like all things nautical for spring-summer 2010
Spring Fling - Nautical

How about you, bloggies ? What are some of your Spring Things ?
.. or are you sticking to Spring Flings this year ?


Suz said...

LOVE the suitcase! My Spring Thing is the sun and time change. I am counting down the days to longer sunnier days! Winter depresses the crap out of me.

Kate said...

I am totally addicted to gossip girl. I want their clothes. I am happy because i got all my bad luck out of the way in Jan and so this year is going to be awesome!

Kate xx

Snafugirl said...

I think I may stick to Spring Flings. Although those nautical numbers could certainly change my mind...

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I loooove this post. I'm so looking forward to GG coming back! And, I'm seeing Valentines Day this weekend! Plus, I love everything nautical. Love.

WITWW tomm?

paula said...

I so hope that movie's good. so many chic flicks have been disappointing me lately. Oh, and the carry on is fabulous.

FEDERICA said...

Wish you a fantastic Valentine's Day!
Don't miss my giveaway:-)

Michelle said...

Ooh love this list. Spring is the best!

Novelista Barista said...

hey chica!!!!
u won my giveaway :)
send me ur info!!!

FEDERICA said...

Thanks for entered my giveaway!
Good luck!