3 February 2010

Goddess of .. If You Could Be Anything

I woke up in a really good mood today. I was having a silly dream and Mr. Unreliable was in it. He's kinda short and a little fat .. and he was running to catch up to someone .. and he looked silly. I was laughing at him (I'm a meanie, I know) and I was laughing so hard .. that I woke up. So, that put me in a good mood, lol !

Anywowzer, I've been busy at home. Until yesterday, I was elbow-deep in papers and stupid little nic nacs as I tried to get some order in my "office" and bedroom. My parents split up last year and now they are getting around to dividing their assets, mainly, the houses. Soooo, to make a really long story short, my mom hired an evaluator to establish the value of our home.. and he came yesterday morning. Obviously, we had to do a major clean up and put everything in order. So that's that.. we're just getting out of that. It looks amazing now though, so I'm really happy !

Other than that, I still haven't received a call for an interview. I have applied to a bunch of places that are interesting (in commercial or labour/employment law) but no news.. I've been unemployed for 3 weeks now. Wow, time flies.

Also, I have been questionning myself (for years) about what I really wanna do. Most people know right away, riiiight ??

- I like cooking and baking, I think I could like being a pastry chef.
- I like food and being judgemental, I think I could be a food critic.
But really, the odds of that happening are quite slim.
- I like travelling and sleeping in hotel beds, I think I could be a hotel critic.
Haha, again, odds are slim.
- I like fashion and design, I think I could be an interior designer.
- I like art and museums, I think I could work in a gallery or be a curator in a museum.
- I like volunteering and helping people, I think I could be a volunteer.
But that doesn't really pay the bills now, does it ?
- I like making money and having good social standing, I think I could put up with being a lawyer for 10 years and then, do whatever it is that I really wanna do. That was the original plan.

Gahhhh, this can drive me crazy. The possibilities just keep spinning in my head. None of them seems like the perfect and obvious choice. I think there must be a career I haven't heard of yet that fits my personality perfectly, right ?? Any ideas ?

If I could be anything in the whole wide world, I would be : HAPPY !

Yeah, that's all I got for now.

If you could be anything, what would YOU be ?


Snafugirl said...

It's funny you write about this at this time. I am currently working and miserable. I feel like I need a career change but I'm not certain what I want to do. If I was overly passionate about something I'd make the change. But I'm unsure. I have a lot of "I like's" like you listed above, but it's hard to choose a job based on hobbies or interests that may not work out as full time careers. I wish it was a as easy as picking a job you love and never having to work another day in your life. I hope you find something you can truly enjoy, which doesn't leave you counting down til 5pm every day.

bianca said...

I constantly think about what I would do had I chosen a parth other than law. I love fashion. I could spend all my awake hours watching fashion shows, reading fashion magazines, watching project runway, etc. I think if I wasn't a lawyer, I would want to be a stylist. It would be so much fun to help make people look and feel fabulous.

The umemployment thing is tough. I passed the bar in November and I'm still looking for work. Most people want a minimum of 5 years experience, so it's slowing getting frustrating but I'm keeping my hopes high!

Cleo. said...

In September I start studying to become a lawyer, I'm terrified I'll hate it, but at the same time, nothing else is all that appealing. x

P said...

I like sleeping so I would be a bed-tester i think. :)

Failing that, I want to be the new Jackie Collins.

Unrealistic? Moi?