28 February 2010

Goddess of .. Online Dating 2.0 !

Last week, Jenn Bollenbacher @ You'll grow to love me published her first E-Swagger article on the basics of online dating (which I strongly suggest you go read, right after you're done here !!).

Jenn's first tip suggested that each person must find the dating site that's right for them and then, went on to mention that she has chosen OkCupid for herself.
My last venture with online dating, in October 2009, was disappointing at best. Apparently, the dating site I used appealed mainly to construction workers originating from the suburbs of my city. And although, I have no personal beef with construction workers in general.. I have no interest in dating them. Our family & educational background, points of view and interests clash.. it's inevitable. That's a generalization, of course.

I did meet Benji through that specific dating site and although, we're not a good dating match, I respect him and find that we have many things in common. However, that dating site was still a major disappointment. Aside from Benji, I didn't meet anyone else in person. No profile got me thinking "Oh perhaps, him" or "Could he be my next bf ?".
As I read Jenn's article, I realized that perhaps I had underestimated the value of finding the right dating site for me. Sure, every site has losers and plenty of people that you won't get along with but some appeal to different types of people.. or at least, make it easier for you to figure out who would be a good match.

Enter OkCupid.

I had heard of OkC before but never knew it was entirely free (you're not limited to "winks" or sample e-mails) and used by many Canadians (I thought only Americans used OkC). I signed up, wrote a few paragraphs about myself, upload some pictures and started answering Match Questions to help find people who could be compatible matches. In no time, I had e-mails poring into my inbox and started browsing my possible Local Matches.

I found plenty of interesting and good looking guys for me. Young professionnals, who love to travel and learn about different cultures, who love to cook and enjoy great food & wine with friends, who are non-homophobic / non-racist. 

I'm really happy with OkCupid so far, really.

I exchanged several e-mails with one particular guy, Raj. He's really interesting and seems to fit all the above-mentionned "criterias". According to OkC, we're an 80% romantic match and a 70% friendship match.. it can't hurt, right ?

So we chatted on msn for a while yesterday and he's charming. Not pushy, quite funny and laid-back. He suggested we meet this week and I agreed, so we're going ice skating tomorrow night ! I'm probably gonna meet him at the ice skating rink (inside) around 5pm, when he finishes work. I'm really excited and I hope it'll be fun.. I'm sure it'll be funny at least, because apparently we're both kinda sucky at skating. Who knows, if all goes well, we might go for dinner afterwards ?!

He's 30 years old (but looks about 26-28 y/o), his parents are Indian (from India, not native indian) but he was born here I believe, quite funny, confidant, loves to travel, loves to cook & loves to discover new cultures. All of which sounds really good to me :o)

Cheers to my first date of 2010 !!!

Until then, I'm heading to the Alicia Keys concert tonight ! I'm in an Empire State of Mind ;o)


jenniferalaine said...

Yay I'm so excited for you! This is such good news and I can't wait to hear all about the date. Good luck!!!

bananas. said...

you are braver than me! i have never thought to online date. kinda freaks me out a bit (not gonna lie) but i wish you the best on your date. let's hope you he doesn't look like his picture...and wish that he looks better!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ jenniferalaine : Thanks for the help ! And all the support :) Sadly, it wasn't all that great .. lol

@ bananas : Yeah, I probably should've wished for him to be better looking than his pics .. he was pretty much the same as the pictures but his teeth were crooked and yellow. I'm so shallow ..it's sad, but I couldn't really get over it :(

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

oh boy. lots of folks seem to fall in love from online dating. i dunno. i would probably become a whorebunny. lol.