Goddess of .. The coolest gifts to give this Christmas !

I bought my first christmas present yesterday.

I have a christmas dinner & gift exchange with my group of girlfriends from highschool on saturday night. Every year, we each pick a name out of a hat and buy a present for that person because it's simpler and we just can't afford to give every girl a gift.

Of course, I picked the name of the girl I like the least (sorry, it's true, we all have favorites) and really don't know much about. Anywowzer, I decided to go for a pretty general gift idea : pyjamas ! I found some really cute ones that I really like, I even put similar ones on my own christmas list :o)

Grey henley ruffle long-sleeve top
with white-and-grey polka dot flannel pants

Add a little something to it, like a yummy smelling hand cream or candy (who doesn't love candy !?) .. and I'll be done. Christmas gift exchange; Check and check.

Now, I'm brainstorming on some ideas for ALL my other christmas gifts. Urgh, it's a hard-knock life for us.. but I've come up with some pretty cool gift ideas I think. Now I just have to figure out who to give them to.. haha, easy peasy.

Gifts for the Party Hostess
like Lolita for example
who's having a Xmas-housewarming party on December 23rd

{Red croc cocktail shaker @ ~30$}
Sadly I can't seem to find those in store or have them shipped to Canada .. but my mom called me earlier to say she found a really cool PURPLE one today.

Gifts for the How I Met Your Mother Enthusiast

Gifts for the Music Lover

Including the hit *Russian Roulette*

Including the hits *Paper Gangster* & *Bad Romance*

{Battle Studies cd by John Mayer @ 11$}
Including the hits *Heartbreak warfare* & *Friends, lovers or nothing*

{Echo cd by Leona Lewis @ 12$}
Including the hit *Happy* 

{She Wolf cd by Shakira @ 12$}
Including the hits *She Wolf (La Loba)* & *Give It Up To Me*

 Gifts for the Nerd in all of us

Alrighty, that's what I've got for now, I'll be back later with more ideas !
Have a great weekend bloggies !!!


I like the pyjama idea!!! very cool! Leona and Lady Gaga - yes! the rest no!!! I prefer Melanie Fiona... she's amazing!

How was your evening???
Kristin said…
I'm totally love the jewel ice cube tray! Fab ideas!
LiLu said…
That zebra shaker WILL BE MINE!
I just awarded you an award...stop by my page to claim it.
fantastic gifts, love 'em all!
Jennifer said…
Want the pb&j necklaces! How cute!
Thanks for the gnome key caps idea....I have a friend that is OBSESSED with gnomes (I don't get it either).
those PB necklaces scream AWESOME. I'll have to investigate. Always on the lookout for fabulous gifts... loving this post!