Goddess of .. Glamorous Holidays of '09 !

These days, I am totally living in a fantasy world of alternate AWESOME reality .. so keeping up with that theme, I've decided to put together the perfect wardrobe of cocktail & evening dresses for all the holiday events & parties of 2009 !

It's gonna be Legend ... wait for it (and I hope you're not lactose intolerant 'cuz the other part's) dary !

I may or may not be totes obsessed with How I Met Your Mother right now.. and I am now smitten.
Glamorous Holidays 2009

Forgive my recent lack of blogposting ..
but I am currently dying of a bronchitis.

I shall return to you from the afterlife
(God, I hope they have wi-fi over there)
.. just kidding (..well hopefully).

Oh, and also, you will be PROUD to learn that I managed to pull myself out-of-bed .. for several hours yesterday .. as I had to rehearse and perform for my end-of-the-year bellydance performance !

The whole dance school performed their acts last night, in a sold-out auditorium (200-300 hundred people including my Mom and Lolita), and all seven girls (including myself) from the beginners' bellydance class put on quite a show! I'm pretty proud of myself .. I didn't forget any parts of our choreography, executed the movements very well, didn't cough my heart out and even managed to smile :o)

Yay for me !


Christy said…
Congrats on the great performance! That's a dance I'd love to learn one day. And I love your holiday dress choices - so stylish and festive!
Elizabeth Marie said…
Bellydancing sounds so fun!! Awesome!

I wish I had a place to wear that red gown too...FAB.

Feel better honey.
Oh no I hope you feel better!!
UM, feel better darling.

I am glad you posted a comment on my blog!

You are in the city too? Let's meet! I think we may just hit it off ASAP if we both love Lizzie.
PS - the black one shoulder ruffle or feather dress is mine!
Sassy Chica said…
Belly Dancing sounds sexy!!! I love the floor length saucy red gown, looks hot! hope you get well soon and feel better:)

Sassy Chica
jenniferalaine said…
1. I love love LOVE all of the dresses and they probably need to be mine NOW.
2. I hope there is a video from your performance because that would be amazing.