30 December 2009

Goddess of .. Big news for the New Year !

Ahem. Ahem.

insert lame excuse here >

I'm sorry. The truth is, I've been procrastinating. God, I love using big words. They make me feel so smart and superior and .. okay, shut it.

{Forgive me, pretty pretty please ?}
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The bottom line is :

New year = New Look

But not for me, silly. Although I could use a haircut of some sort but I'm not really set on what I want just yet and I really just wanna grow my hair long so, you know .. and .. okay, shut it.

I plan on changing my blog theme for a 3-column template. I find that there's never enough room for all the things I wanna add on the sidebar.. and it doesn't help that I have the longest blogroll ever .. but ya know, I love you bloggies.

I haven't picked it out yet but I'm sure it'll still be girly and I hope you'll like it enough to keep coming back around here. Please don't get lost ..


2010, Here I come bitches !


Melanie's Randomness said...

Good luck girl with the renovations!! I wanna switch mine to the 3-column too. just too too much we all wanna share!! Happy New YEar!!

Christy said...

Awesome - I love updating my blog and my three bar style. My advice - shorten the width of your design on the far sides. I did that, and then eventually deleted it all together so I could fit more stuff on. Looking forward to your new design!

Cuddleslut said...

Yay! You're back. Sort of.

Can't wait until you post regularly again in the new year.

bananas. said...

it's okay darlin...you're forgiven. with the face like that, i can't resist ;)

that picture rocks...if i wasn't going to an 80's party this nye, i'd be doing just that hardcore.

happy new year!

sandyb said...

Taht's great news- always a big decision to update any look, so way to go.

Just did mine (but this isn't about me.. just relating here) and it's fun to experiment.

What inspired the want for change? (other than wanting a little more room, that is)

sandyb said...

Ok, just noticed, wrote "Taht's"... what?
Meant "That's", obviously.

Lisa said...

Hey! found you on "sarcastic bloggers". Awesome layout of the blog. Lookin forward to reading more. Please check out my blog http://lwang7.blogspot.com when u get a chance. Happy 2010!

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings and happy new year, may it bring you joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment and great health.

Interesting, while it is nice to continually update to completely change format one must have patience, time and desire. Proceed as you wish we'll stay with you through it.