4 January 2010

Goddess of .. A fresh start for 2010 !

It's 6:17am.
I pulled an all-nighter but I did it, hehe.

I hope you like the new template for the blog. I originally wanted to make it all pretty by January 1st but the custom header image thingy was difficult a bitch to make (it took me days).. because I am not at all Photoshop-friendly (or Photoshop is not at all Aritza-friendly .. if you will). Anywowzer, I was determined to incorporate that specific image because it. rocks. my. socks. OFF.


Here's how the Holidays went down for me

December 23rd : Housewarming party at Lolita's - Major Success, about 15-20 people were there and it was fun. The food that Lolita and I cooked was really good, I was kind of impressed we pulled it off.

{Only halfway done with the clean-up at that point ..}

December 24th : Christmas Eve celebration with Mom and her bestfriend. We had a five-course dinner at a very fancy hotel restaurant .. it was simply delicious. And then, as a gift to all of us, I rented a room in that hotel, where we exchanged gifts and drank some bubbly !

{3 people, 50 presents, sounds about right}

{Make-up station for the Belle of the Bal}

{Have I ever mentionned how much I lurve hotel beds ?}

December 25th : Christmas Night dinner at Lolita's dad's place. It's always a good time when we go there .. espescially because her dad is a wine specialist / expert (the man does that for a living, my hero). So uhmmm, amazing food, amazing wines and a jacuzzi, enough said. I died and went to heaven.

{Lolita and her cousin giving me the Bunny Ears}

{One third (!) of Lolita's Dad's wine cellar.. I'll be baaack}

{Fettucini, Linguini, Martini, Bikini}

December 26th : Boxing Day - Shopping bonanza. I bought plenty of work clothes because it was necessary and some pretty pretty boots because I'm worth it, hehe.

{Mama bought some hawt boots}

How 'bout you ? How were your holidays, bloggies ?

P.S. It's now 7:53am .. ouch .. no beauty sleep for me. We hip hop and we don't stop.


Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh I like how your blog is laid out. Looks like you had a fun holiday!! That wine cellar is insane. Woa!!! Love your boots! Happy New Year!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

OMG I looooove the new look! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
And you'r having FUN! I like it. And I want to steal your boots haha love you!

Cuddleslut said...

Nice job on the new layout!!

Looks like you had a great holiday. The heavenly beds @ Sheratons are the best ever. My fave.

Andhari said...

Hey Aritza, I noticed you're a blog friend / reader of Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty Something Years Old. Me and a bunch of friends are trying to get her to be featured in 20SB for February. She's awesome, right?

So if you have an account in 20-Something Bloggers please help vote for her. All you have to do is visit here and write "I vote for Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty-Something Years Old" or "I second this nomination" :D

thanks so much before, I hope you participate!

ps. lookslike you had a festive holiday :D cool template too, did you make it yourself? I'm trying to re-design mine but I feel so lazy :p

Single and Shallow said...

Love the new template!

I must have those boots and that wine cellar! A.mazing.

Happy New Year! oxo

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ Melanie : Happy New Year to you too :) I had a wonderful time during the holidays and definitely caught up on my sleeping! I'm glad you like the layout.

@ Lizzy Marie : Sooo happy you like the look, your approval means a lot to me :) I'll lend you the boots if you come visit !! P.S. You should totally come !

@ Cuddleslut : Thanks ! It was a lot of work because I have no experience working with photoshop and html codes but I like it :) I'll have to try out Sheraton beds, I probably have but didn't really notice before. I like the sleep number beds at Crowne Plaza's.. :)

@ Andhari : Voted for Cheryl, no prob, love her :) I did re-design the template myself .. and it was a lot of work, I understand your laziness !!

@ Single and Shallow : Glad you like it ! Boots are from Aldo Shoes (100$) .. and that wine cellar .. I'm not sure we could ever afford it :) hahahaha ! It's crazy :) Happy New Year !!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I love the new blog design. Gorgeous!

Are you going to participate in Where In The World Wednesday tomorrow? :)

Jennifer said...

anyone surrounded with fabulous shopping bags drinking champers is all right in my book!!! you're speaking my language. sounds like a fun holiday!
red sole diary

"Julie" said...

shopping and champers? It doesn't really get much better!! I'm a huge fan of the no expectation new year, it's liberating!
love the blog!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ Classy in Philly : Thanks ! I'm glad you like it :) Also, thanks for reminding me about WITWW .. I'm not very good at planning my posts !

@ Jennifer : I love that picture, and that lifestyle.. hahaha. It's shallow but it's not pretentious, just pure fun !

@ Julie : Nope, there's no better way than the champers & shopping way ! Thanks, I'm glad you like it and thank you for reading :)