14 October 2009

Goddess of .. Ahoy, Matey !

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Uhmm, yeah, so I didn't have the wire to connect my camera to a computer this weekend but now that I'm back ..

Here they are, the promised pictures, hotel bathroom 'sesh style !


Needless to say .. I am now officially on a "strict" diet (I can never totally give up the sweets) of salads / veggies and meat / fish. I am cutting back on pastas and breads.. this shipmate cutie costume is .. TINY.



mylittlebecky said...

my brother was in the navy... so that's all i can think about... BUT it's still very cute! espesh with the hat :)

catherinette said...

You look sinfully delightful and she looks like a washed up hooker.

Sarah said...

Your little booty in that costume grabs you the win!

Sassy Chica said...

Hot stuff coming thru!!!
Looks Fabulous!!

Sassy Chica

Andy said...

Hahaha... Well, you definitely have the ass to do that! If I'd wear that dress, I don't think it'd cover much of it... Ahhh... that's the downside of owning a Latin booty!

Kristin said...

WOWZA lady. You kicked Lauren's arse!!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ Becky : Hahaha, well still, if you think it's cute :) Yay ! I like the hat too, it's a nice touch !

@ Catherinette : I like the way you think, you ! Thanks that's exactly what I was going for :)

@ Sarah : Little ? Awwww, sweet sweet music to my ears. Here's a cupcake for you babe !

@ Sassy Chica : Thanks Doll, thanks a lot :)

@ Andy : Wow, well thanks :) I think I'm gonna wear some leggings with it afterall though because it is SHORT SHORT. hahaha ! A latin booty is a GREAT booty :)

@ Kristin : Ouhhhh, well thanks :) I'm blushing ! Glad you approved ..