6 October 2009

Goddess of .. Brand Spankin' New Blog !

Dear bloggies,

I've been absent and distant, yes. The truth is, there's someone something else. I'm seeing writing another blog. Remember when I mentionned my whole Julie/Julia Project idea .. and the volunteer blog.. well, I did it ! The blog is up and running .. it's not perfect yet (a work in progress, right?) but I'm very happy to get it going.

E-mail Aritza!If you want the URL, e-mail me and I will gladly send it to you..

because I'm just soooo freaking excited about this ! lol

I do not want the two blogs to be connected, as this one is ANONYMOUS and I don't want my family, friends and love interests to be reading it.

The other blog (volunteer) is public and I strongly suggest that everyone read it (please please pretty pretty please!?), just don't mention "Aritza" .. hehehe !


Andy said...

Email = SENT! I'm excited.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I want the URL!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ Andy
@ Lizzy Marie : Great :) The link is on it's way girlies!!