4 November 2009

Goddess of .. Where In The World Wednesday - Volume 1 !

The lovely Jessica @ Classy in Philly started a new feature today :

the Where In The World wednesdays !
(click to see Jessica's destination)

"Basically, each week I will post a new picture of me in some place I've traveled to (or if not me, a photo I took at a place I traveled to).

If a lot of people participate, it will be a fun way to see where some of our favorite bloggers have traveled! It doesn't have to be recent, it doesn't have to be somewhere foreign or tropical. Just anywhere you consider traveling!"

I think this is a really fun idea and I love to travel .. so I have lots of pictures I wanna share with you guys !

Today's feature : This picture was taken at the end of March 2009 when I was visiting Lolita (which could explain why I'm holding two Starbucks..) in Ottawa for the weekend, back when she lived there to study for a year. Of course, when I look at it now I think we should've take a proper picture of the Totem pole from the front  (and not the side!).. but anywowzer. It's me. It's Ottawa. It's traveling. Right ?

Me and a Totem Pole near the Byward Market
in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Also, I promise more exciting destinations in the weeks to come but right now, I had to take a picture that was on facebook because I'm at work :o) ... " Hi Boss! "


Jessica said...

AWESOME! I've only been to Canada once, but I love your picture! Thanks for participating :) Yay!

Feris said...

I think Canada has to be my favorite country in the world :) I loveeeeeee it!

My family and I have been there 6 times there skiing in a small place called Fernie, we haven't returned there because my parents discovered Mammoth Mountain (California) which is a lot closer but I would love to visit Fernie again!

Now I know what my next WHERE IN THE WORLD is going to be lol

bananas. said...

i've never been to canada but i hear great things about it. that picture is adorable btw :)