15 May 2009

Goddess of .. Toys from my childhood !

I guess I'm feeling nostalgic today because I feel like posting about my childhood and the games that made it what it was !!

I was browsing t-shirts on Busted Tees and came across the following designs :

Classic yet revolutionnary at the time, the pogoball !
I loved this toy so much and played with it all the time.
Being the klutz that I am, it's kind of a miracle that
I was never injured while operating said ball..

Oh, the snapping bracelets, how I loved these bracelets ! I felt so cool, so stylish when I wore 'em..Nowadays, I must resort to stilettos to get that same feeling :) Much less comfortable, mind you.

Oh and the others :

I loved these little creatures and still think they're über cute ! I taught my mom a lesson with those, or actually, I reminded her of a lesson she taught me.

I asked her to buy me a troll (or a dozen of them) and she said : "But honey, they're sooo ugly" with the most disgusted expression on her face. So I said : "But mommy, you told me to love all people/creatures, no matter their differences" .. Needless to say, I got a collection of trolls now :o) Yipee !

I hope these little anecdotes satisfied your late friday need-to-waste-some-time ! It sure occupied a lot of my afternoon :o)

What were you favorite toys as a child ?!?

Lolita arrived @ my house 30 minutes ago. She and my Mom are going shopping. Tomorrow is Mr. Unreliable's moving day .. Lolita and I are finally gonna get to meet his girlfriend (of over a year) and hopefully, it'll all go smoothly !

Happy weekend bloggies,

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