14 May 2009

Goddess of .. Got it ! The perfect cushions !

Got it ! I found the perfect cushions for Lolita's living room.
They have the perfect shade of warm grey I want for the accent wall .. and they're just down-right sexy!
Hopefully, I'll find the purple silk cushions I really wanna pair these with ..

Lolita is one lucky lady, hahaha :o)


♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

you need to come decorate for me! help!!

...love Maegan said...

a little touch of zebra is always a good idea ...I love the grey.

f.B said...

We desperately need some pillows for one of our sofas. My roommate bought the sofa, and so I defaulted to him. This means we've had a sofa with no pillows for 2 years.

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ Tiffany : I'll gladly come over and make myself useful :o)

@ love Maegan : Yeah, I love zebra prints, I wasn't sure at first if Lolita would like it but I called her and she said it's all good !

@ f.B. : What color is your living room and sofa ? I can make some suggestions if you'd like :P