19 May 2009

Goddess of .. Playing Interior Designer - Part 2 !

Could also be titled :
Goddess Of .. Dreaming out loud and Designing from the Heart !

This week-end was BIG design-wise.. I devoted all of my time to Lolita and shopping for her new appartment !

She bought a dark purple fabric cover (for the futon bed she already owns) which is going in the living room as a sofa and totally follows the grey, cream and purple theme for the room.
The zebra cushions will go on this sofa. She also bought a tv unit to go in the living room and it's a light wood color that will match the adjacent dining room set that she's getting from her mom.

And a cute purple lamp too !

For the bedroom, Lolita picked this bed with the attached side tables that are really simple and modern.

Also, got her comforter which has really thin little stripes on it, in the shades of beige, baby blue and brown.. and latte sheets.. and two brown silk cushions for the bed. As for decorative pieces, we're still working on it but she got a beautiful blueish-green ceramic vase to put on the floor with decorative twigs in it.
A lot more was accomplished this weekend but these are the big pieces ! I will keep you updated with more :o)

And now, a little bit of design pieces from my heart, if I could describe myself with three images they would be the following :

How would you describe yourself, bloggies ?


Hit 40 said...

Interesting idea posting 3 images to describe your self :-)

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Thanks, what would be yours ??