14 May 2009

Goddess of .. Playing Interior Designer - Part 1 !

Here's my latest project bloggies :

In the weeks to come, I will be playing interior designer for my BFF Lolita who is moving back in town (and in style) on june 1st and getting her first apartment on her own.

I think maybe (just maybe) part of her figured out how jealous I am and offered me this job out of pity. Anywowzer, I took it and ran. I'm so excited to do this !

The apartment is basically a blank canvas that I can just paint all over :o) She's got a bedroom, a dining room / living room, kitchen and bathroom that need love and decorating.

So far, I've been picking out colors :

Bathroom is white so I will accent and decorate with creamy latte color and turquoise !

Living room will be painted off-white / cream color with a warm grey accent wall and purple accessories.

The adjacent Dining room will also be off-white and warm grey for the walls but the accesories and decorations will be either a light apple green or soft coral pink.

Kitchen is painted white but accesories and decorating items will be cherry red ! F-i-e-r-c-e !

Bedroom is more personal so I will leave much of it up to her of course, but it will include brown drapes which she already owns and are perfect because they keep the light out .. and some shade of blue.

We're going shopping this weekend, I'll keep you updated :o)


ChicagoSane said...

How about a grey-lilac accent wall in the living room. It's sooooo much warmer without adding any real color. Mmmmm.

Take pics!

LiLu said...

Ooooo... can't wait to see pics! I am so design-uninclined, but I love seeing what other people do!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ ChicagoSane : Ouhh grey-lilac .. Uhmm I hadn't thought of it, I'll have to run it by Lolita. I've already bought cushions though so I'll see if it works :)

@ LiLu : I dunno if I'm design-inclined, this is where I make it or break it, lol. J/k it's not a serious project or anything. Lolita said she trusts me completly, that is kinda scary though..