15 April 2009

Goddess of.. I-don't-care fridays on a wednesday !

I guess it's just because the easter monday holiday has made my week shorter or 'cuz I'm a lunatic (just like that).. but today I feel like it's I-don't-care friday!

I-don't-care fridays can best be described by the Hoops & Yoyo card that started it all. Miguel first sent me this card about a year ago and I just cracked up! We are big fans of Hoops & Yoyo and they're the only e-cards we send each other.

Basically, I'm feeling as free and liberated as one can feel on a friday knowing the weekend is only a couple hours away. You know the moment I'm talking about ? When you feel like you don't have to do anything because you won't live with the consequences until monday. And then, you'll have accumulated plenty of rest and energy to tackled said task.

Problem is, you can't feel like this on a wednesday because the consequences will come and hit you in the face, on THURSDAY ! I absolutely have to get some more work done, but I can't stop reading blogs ...

Must. Work. Now.

Wish me luck !

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