17 April 2009

Goddess of .. finding your God and letting him go !

As if he wasn't hot enough to make a giant iceberg melt (no hairblowers involved).. my celebrity man-crush, we'll call him Mario Lopez for blog purposes (a.k.a A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell), is now writing a children' book with his sister Marissa ! The book will be called "Mud Tacos" and will recall how his sister, his cousins and him used to play make-believe in their grandma's backyard.

The man really knows how to attract the ladies .. damn, I just can't help but feel like a Caramilk that just spent two-minutes in the microwave !

What's he gonna pull next, adopt a sweet little puppy dog ?

He's gotta have some flaws though, right ?

P.S. Regarding LiLu's comment on this post, I found a pic that clearly shows Mario's evolution since his A.C. Slater days !!


Chaotic Bliss said...

I think he already has a puppy!! LMAO Just joking!! Have a good and safe Friday!

LiLu said...

Oh, AC Slater... I was always a Zack girl growing up, but you have since won my heart!!!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ Chaotic Bliss : I saw a picture of him with a pup but I'm not sure it's his..so darn cute though :P lol

@ LiLu : He's come a long way since his A.C. Slater days .. lol

Check it out !