22 August 2011

Goddess of.. The White Dinner Event!

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The Dîner en Blanc (White Dinner) is this incredible event that originally started in Paris and has been going on for many years now (since 1988). It's going to be the 3rd year in The City I believe.. and my first year participating. Another thing I can cross off my 30-before-30 list, yay!

It goes as follows:
  • Dress in all white, prepare a picnic dinner and await notification at 6:00pm revealing the secret location for this glorious event bringing together a flash mob of 3,000 people all dressed in white.

Dreamy, right?
Okay, I leave you with just one more shot... my outfit-to-be for the big night!

It may look a little grandma-ish like that but the cardigan is optional and the dress is fitted.
I've got my picnic basket :) and cooked up a storm!

It's happening tonight, so excited!

1 comment:

s.212 said...

That looks like one amazing event. And that dress is beautiful! :)