1 August 2011

Goddess of.. The Great Yoga Challenge of 2011!

In a constant effort to get my mind off residual breakup feelings and the lack of P-in-V on this side of the fence, I set up a challenge with my good friend & co-worker, Bunny.

Despite some of our friends' scepticism, Bunny & I started off by doing yoga at a lululemon store on Sunday morning (bright and early at 9:30am) two weeks ago. And then, we had the idea to set up the Great Yoga Challenge of 2011 for ourselves.

A few months back we had purchased a 10-yoga classes Groupon deal at a local yoga studio. Said Groupon deal was expiring at the end of July, so in a panic.. we decided to set up this 5-yoga-classes-in-5-days challenge .. to ensure we wouldn't lose the entire deal we'd paid for.

For 5 days in a row, we were gonna do 1 class of yoga per night (all different types of yoga). Tuesday, we did Hatha Flow yoga. Wednesday, we did the Budokon-Yoga fusion class. Thursday, on the hottest day of the heat wave that was hitting The City, we did Hot Yoga. On Friday, we did Yin Yoga. Sadly, the teacher cancelled the Saturday class so we were unable to complete the 5-in-5 but still managed to do 5-in-6 days if you count the Sunday class we had done at Lululemon.

Yoga helps make the little voices in my head shut up. Yoga makes me feel serene, free, loved, worthy & empowered. I need yoga right now and I think everyone could use more yoga in their life.

This past week, we decided to do a repeat. Yoga on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Maybe we didn't manage to do the 5-in-5 but we did 4-in-4 .. for 2 weeks in a row. We both feel super empowered, more fit and definitely, more serene.

Cheers to yoga everyone! Try it out sometime :)


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KT said...

I'm doing a month-long yoga challenge because I had a Groupon too. :-)