Goddess of .. Can't stop thinking about you !

Hey there, you're looking quite pretty today, if I may say so :o)

I've been thinking about you lately. A lot.
Don't worry, nothing creepy. I swear. For the most part.

All week long, I have been rummaging Etsy shops for hours on end, looking for the very best items.. the crème de la crème. You should've seen me, it was cute at times and pathetic at other times (i.e. when it was 4pm.. Okay, I'm lying, it was 5pm.. and I had spent the whole day in front of the computer. All I had eaten was toast & coffee .. and I was still in my pjs). The things you do for love. *singing* The things you do for love. *singing*

But it was worth it, 100%. I am well on my way to some great partnerships with the finest & coolest Etsy sponsors a girl could have.

And THAT means giveaways for you !

Stay tuned, bloggies.

P.S.    Don't worry, today was a wonderfully-bright-and-sunshiny day.. and I spent it outside ! I won't let you write me off as a total hermit crab just yet :o)



Andhari said…
YAYYYYY :) can't wait for the giveaways :D
Snafugirl said…
Giveaways rock!
Happy Easter

Cat said…
Looking forward to it! Sometime (soon), I would love to join the party ;)

ps. I could literally spend all day haunting Etsy too...I think I have a problem :)
Missy said…
ohhh sounds fab!

Enter my Hana flat iron giveaway:
Juliana said…
How exciting!!!!! I am proud of you!