30 March 2010

Goddess of .. Roses, Bows and Endless Ruffles !

With Easter right around the corner, I felt compelled to put together some of what I consider the perfect outfit choices for Easter brunch, spring 2010 edition.

The pop of color : Peach, light pink, beige.

The neutral : All shades of grey and silver.

The fun stuff : Bows, ruffles and flower accents.

The accessories : Rose rings, necklaces and crystal earrings.

Easter Brunch - Spring 2010

As a kid, my Mom would always buy me a new dress in the spring (usually around Easter or my birthday) to kick off the new season. I guess that's where I got my love of fresh new spring outfits. Also, I love dressing a little fancier than usual for Easter. Often times, around my neck of the woods, Easter Sunday is the first warm day of spring when I can actually wear open-toe / peep toe shoes, after months of wearing boots. It is so refreshing and makes me feel alive again !

Last Easter, I was in Philadelphia  with my Mom and we had a really wonderful time. Although I won't be traveling this year, I'm really looking forward to Easter weekend, they're announcing some pretty warm weather around here! Yay, rejoice! I'm gonna have the traditional Easter Sunday family brunch with my Mom & my grandma, and I'm sure it'll be fun to go out with them.

Oh, and I went to Forever 21 today.. they have lots of pieces that fit in with my Easter brunch theme. The light pink in their "Spring Pastels" collection is the perfect pop of color for this spring. Here's some of the things I saw :

$22.80 @ Forever 21

Chiffon Layered Petals Top                                Chiffon Layered Front Top
$15.80 @ Forever 21                                             $17.80 @ Forever 21

Chiffon Rose Trim Top                                      Asymmetrical Rosette Tank
$17.80 @ Forever 21                                         $22.00 @ Forever 21

Of course, the idea is not to pair a rosette top with a rosette skirt, that would just be too much. But roses, bows and ruffles are fun to incorporate in a feminine spring outfit. I would suggest pairing a light pink / taupe top (or bottom) with a grey or black bottom (or top). You don't want to go all pink / taupe.. spice it up, it's not a uniform. Plus, if you were to wear all beige would probably drain you out and make you look dead-ish .. unless your skin is really dark.

Rosette Knit Skirt                                                   Bow Front Skirt
$22.80 @ Forever 21                                           $28.00 @ Forever 21

Heeled Ankle Bootie                                         Susie Rose Earring Set
$27.80 @ Forever 21                                         $4.80 @ Forever 21

What are your Easter plans, bloggies ?
Any Sunday brunch traditions ?

Mostly importantly, what will you be wearing ?


bananas. said...

so glad you didn't bombard this post with an array of pastels. i love the colors you picked with the hint of black.

i think it's all perfection!

citygalwrites said...

Cute cute! Makes me want to go shopping :)

Kristin said...

Sooooo many little pretties. LOVING the skirts in your set!!