14 January 2010

Goddess of .. Snail Mail is the Best Kind of Mail !

And Bloggers are the Best Kind of People !


I got some wonderful snail mail yesterday regarding

Mark your calendars people, that was a great day :o)

I can't believe how lucky I am.
I started reading blogs and blogging in March 2009 and already, I've won 2 giveaways.
The first one being my "Cherry Blossom Girl" print

Anywho, just wanted to thank you, Suz !
The card was very sweet and I loved getting snail mail :o)
I'll be heading to Starbucks this weekend to enjoy some lattes.

Everyone head over to Suz's "30 before 30 List" blog .. you will love it :o)


Dmbosstone said...

I love snail mail too! Social media and e-mail makes physical paper a little bit more special... except when it's junk mail.

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

love me some snail mail. love sending and receiving.

um, i hate starbucks, so i am not jealous of your gift card. lol.

Suz said...

Aww I'm glad you like it! Snail mail is great even though it takes forever. And like I said it was my first time mailing something to Canada! Glad it made it to you. And seriously thanks for being such a great commenter on my blog. Comments on the blog come in a close second to getting snail mail!