11 September 2009

Goddess of .. a JKL Design piece of amazingness!!!!! Yay!

No matter how much I complain all the time at times, I must ALWAYS remember this :

Thanks to Miss Lizzy Marie @ It's Unbeweavable!, bloggie extraordinaire, super badass flirt and totes BFF material (take notes Liz, I am demanding that we be BFFs sooner rather than later).. I won her latest (and bestest) giveaway, an item from Leigh @ JKLdesign (Etsy shop) !!!

's work has been featured on-
the cover of
Dujour Magazine April/March
Forever 21's Blog
The Skinny
Will be seen on the set of "The Roommate", with Leighton Meester coming out in 2010.

This post is not meant to rub it in anybody's face .. it's simply me trying to be grateful for what I receive and to share my excitement ! Because I am BEYOND excited !!!

I looooove JKLdesign and all of Leigh's items .. so I think I already know which one I want !

She has many pieces involving the Eiffel Tower, and well, if you'd met me IRL.. you'd know I am a hardcore Tour Eiffel lover ! In fact, I love it so much, I could've been the woman who married the Eiffel Tower (yeah, check that out, it's worth it!!!).

And, I appreciate art, like no other. I paint and sculpt .. although "being a lawyer and all" takes up most of my free time, lol.

Here's a few of my coup-de-coeur design pieces @ JKLdesign

Cherry Blossom Girl

I weave-adore this one !

Paris truly is the city of love..

Simply gorgeous

I love rainy days and the eiffel tower, this was meant to be !

My bed on any given day

Can't pick one ... must pick one ..

P.S. I'll post my reply to Rami's message later and also, what I've been up to lately !!! Yay ! Get excited, life is beautiful !!!


Leigh said...

Congrats Aritza!! Thank you so much as well for this fabulous write up :)) Makes my day..I cannot wait until you get your new print. I left a comment over at Liz's blog just leave all the info with her on how to get it to you and which one when you are ready.

Have the best weekend :)

PS OMG have to have those shoes on the right of your blog!! Seriously going to try to do that now ;)

Leigh said...

Quick question the shoes, Who are the from? XO seriously must have LOL

Elizabeth Marie said...


Love you lady! I emailed you back woop woop!

Deva84 said...

woo hoo!!!!! Congrats!!! I would choose bed or effile towel with umberlla! Tell us what's your choice!!!

Andy said...

Haha, congrats! BUT it all depends where in Paris and how much money you carry! My friends are now LIVING in Paris and my parents are visiting it right now, and they all agree it's super dangerous and violent and all! So, yeah, Paris is a nice city, but just some parts (the historical/cultural), but outside of that bubble, the city's getting REALLY ugly.

And if you ever think of visiting Paris, you better let me know, because I'm 3 hours away.

Aritza Goddess said...

@ Leigh : I'm really excited to get my print :) I think I've finally made up my mind ! haha !

Ouhhh yes the shoes, I love them !!

@ Leigh : They are by a brand called "Bamboo" .. not well-known I think .. but also, very cheap !!http://www.cutesygirl.com/Bamboo_Beat03_Ankle-PID32768-MID310710.aspx

@ Lizzy Marie : Yay indeed :) This is the best news since my award, lol !

@ Deva : They're all so gorgeous, it's very difficult !

@ Andy : Uhmm yes, I think you're right .. like every major city, Paris has its dark and dangerous places. But it's sooooo pretty to look at, hehehe !

I will definetly let you know if I go over to Europe, Andy !! You do the same if you hit my town :)