25 November 2009

Goddess of .. What to wear to the New Moon Premiere !

Because I like tall, dark, handsome men.
Because I like it hot.
Because I always root for the underdog.

I am on Team Jacob !

Because grey is my favorite neutral.
Because sequins bring out the best in people.
Because movies wouldn't be the same if you didn't sneak in a Starbucks.
Because fall is here and it's getting chilly out, a girl needs a good sweater/cardigan.
Because love, passion and blood are red hot.

Twilight - New Moon Premiere

Items in this set:

I would pick one of those three outfits to wear to the premiere of New Moon !

I saw the movie on sunday night with Lolita .. and totally fell in love with the story. I had been resistant from the beginning because I'm not a fan of sci-fi / unreal stories .. and did not even see Twilight (i know, i know .. shame on me!) or read the books.

Rest assured, I am now totally on board and might even consider picking up a copy of the third book.. just. for. the. love. triangle. story!


Sassy Chica said...

I love grey attire, something sultry about it when combined with the right colors!

Sassy Chica

I am not onbarod wiht the newmoon/twilight fiasco yet.

Miss Always Carried Away said...

These are beauties! 800$ quite a lot... I need to admit! I havent seen neither of these films... I know I know shame on me too! Just read you comment to my comment on your last post!!! haha so funny!!!

Miss Always Carried Away said...

Im sooooo stupid!!!! I forget to tell you that I too LOVE TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME MEN!!! Looooooove them!!! I would add just one thing INTELLIGENT ONE please! and then I have a super cool and sexy mixture!!! Can I make an order???

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ Sassy Chica : If you love a good Love Story .. then maybe you should consider seeing New Moon. I'm definitely not a fan of vampires and werewolfes .. but I am in it for the LOVE :)

@ Miss Always Carried Away : Hahaha lol, you're too funny! I'll place your order right away .. with mine .. maybe we'll get something in the mail .. sometime in the next 20 years would be AWESOME ! Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper, anyone ?!

Single and Shallow said...

Oh god, tall dark and handsome - Shemar Moore please! Pretty please? That man is absolutely gorgeous.

Single and Shallow said...

I was all consumed by the thought of him I forgot to talk about New Moon! I love love loved that movie. Now, I have read all the books and New Moon was my least favorite book, but that movie was amazing. Team Jacob!

Spuds said...

Or! You could spend all that money on that great looking outfit and spend an evening having dinner at the Palm and then listening to some serious Blues at Bourbon Street Blues Club. HMMM That's where a real dude might be able to be found on a Friday night. Unfortunately, Saturday nights are for trying to catch up on writing deadlines, though. Dammit.

Cuddleslut said...

I was so excited to see New Moon. I loved the film better than the book this time around. I am on Team Jacob-Should-Be-Topless-ALL-The-Time.