Goddess of .. I'll show you my twins if you show me yours !

I've often been told I look like certain celebrities. Some names have even come up more than once. I take that as the highest compliments .. and well, I got two very high compliments this week so I thought I'd show you my twins (wait, what?!).

Picture for example, if Geri Halliwell, Katherine Heigl, Nicole Kidman and Michelle Trachtenberg had a morph baby (yesss, click it, hours of fun guaranteed).. it would be moi !

{Ginger spice latte, hold the ginger}

{Ouuhh so pretty.. I blush, I blush}

{I'm hoping people were refering to her pre-witcherific years}

{Maybe if I squint really hard .. I can kinda see it}

This past sunday night, when he first saw some of my pictures, Benji immediatly said .. "Hey! You look like that spice girl, the redhead."

And this morning, I get a text message from my girl friend Violet saying "Ohmygod ! Google Michelle Trachtenberg, U guys R twins !!!!".

Needless to say, I had a good week, lol.

Happy weekend bloggies !!!

P.S. Here's the result of the Heigl-Kidman-Haliwell-Trachtenberg morph baby .. it turns out .. it doesn't quite look like me .. lol, go figure !


I'd say your like a mix of Nicole and Katethrine... you're beautiful Sweetie! People I SAW HER!!! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I just came back from drinks and I need to check my comments like millions of times cuz I'm quite tipsy so forgive me for mistakes....
@ Miss Always Carried Away : Hahahaha ! I'm tipsy as I'm reading this .. and I think you're hilarious ! And very flattering.. thank you babe :)
Andy said…
Hahaha... I've been told that I look like Jessica Alba (which is not a bad thing), Eva Mendes (certainly not a bad thing either) and Paz Vega (hawt).
Although, I am starting to believe that for me, all Latin women are like the same but different.
Andy said…
PS. Helpful link!
catherinette said…
Damn it! I can't see that last picture and now I will forever be left wondering what on earth the result would be...
Elizabeth Marie said…
You ARE gorgeous! I've seen you too!!!!!!

I totally thought nicole kidman!! LOVES IT.

Sassy Chica said…
all ladies mentioned are gorgeous, what a compliment to be as sassy as them or them as beautiful as you!

Sassy Chica
@ Andy : Wow yes, it's true about all those ladies for you :) They'd be lucky to look as good as you !! Haha, and I know about that Heritage website, so many HOURS of fun !!

@ Lizzy Marie : Aww thanks :) Nicole uh ? Wow, I'm so flattered! You've got some mad sex appeal YOU my lady.. DSLs FTW !!!

@ Sassy : It is a great compliment indeed :) Yay !
Spuds said…

I wish I looked like a celebrity! I have to get by with my rogue-ish charm and rugged (heavy emphasis on "rugged") good looks!
Organic Meatbag said…
I've been told that I look like a turd with a beard!