22 September 2009

Goddess of .. Inspiration for new beginnings !

  • I just saw Julie and Julia. Totally loved it, of course, as most bloggers / foodies did and I feel very inspired at the moment. I must get up and do things. I must start a countdown of something exciting on my blog.

  • There is the Martha Stewart's baking handbook that Lolita gave me on christmas 2 years ago .. and I haven't tackled more than 3 recipes in there. Maybe I could try that. Perhaps Martha is the Julia to my Julie, the butter to my bread, the breath to my life.
  • Or it could be totally non-cooking related.
  • Ideas ???


Deva84 said...

I haven't seen this movie! I definitely need to go and see it!

New beginnings? I love cooking and baking but now when I'm not close to my family I'm lazy and I don't want to cook. Second I'm on a diet now! But this is a great idea! I just LOVE Nigella Lawsan! You must see her TV show!

Well... now I have loads of new beginnings!
- diet / I'm damn motivated! and I've started to see a tiny results!/
- job searching - I NEED JOB!
- study more of French - I need to be fluent!
- and I run every day / I've never felt so good!/

that's pretty time consuming!

You have some propositions...

btw. French guy... ahh be careful and enjoy! but just don't write any additional story and be une petite coquette! flirt with him and then go and talk to someone else. Make him chase you! They love it!

Chaotic Bliss said...

I guess I need to see Julie & Julia to get my ass motivated! :)

Hit 40 said...

I have to see this movie (Julie/julia)!!! I have heard it is great. I will google it. I am unclear if it just arrived in theaters or in on DVD??

mylittlebecky said...

yes. but is your name marthie? something to think about. and also: i didn't find julie to be so great. i found her a little, bleh. i, of course, LOVED julia!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I need to see this movie! I feel like a naughty blogger for not having seen it yet!

Andy said...

Hahahaha... I need to get into more serious cooking now I've gone through the basics! Haha... I can now fry stuff, and prepare things like meat, chicken, pasta, etc.

LiLu said...

I still haven't seen it! Can't wait :-)

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ Deva : Yes, go see it ! I've seen books by Nigella but never her show ! I'm not sure if it plays here..

Good luck with your new beginnings :)

@ ChaoticBliss : Yes, yes, you do !

@ Eileen : It's still playing in theaters here but it's been out for a while now :) Should be on dvd soon ! See it, see it, see it !

@ Becky : Uhm, no, right, I gotta change my name :( Crap! Julia was fabulous, Bon Appétit! Ahaha !

@ LizzyMarie : Naughty naughty bloggie :) It was fun and light, you should see it, it's a feel-good movie!

@ Andy : You're doing great so far I'm sure, with your nutella crepes and everything! YUM !!

@ LiLu : Yesss, go, go, go !! It'll be fun :)