3 July 2009

Goddess of .. Uppity pricks and snobs !

Of course, things are never rarely the way you envision them.
Last night was no exception ..

The "hip club" as I remembered it.. was really just an outside bar on top of a skyscraper. Sure, it sounds cool but the sky looked like it was about to pour, it was chilly and windy (i.e. tangled hair).

Picture them just like this, except they were wearing suits! Silly, uh ?!

The "cool crowd" was really just a bunch of uppity pricks and snobs. In typical high school fashion, everyone stuck to their cliques. Every law firm had its clique.. there wasn't any mixing really. I actually saw a guy I knew from high school who, apparently, now has a french accent .. how f*cking snobbish is that !?! OMG ! Thank Lil' Jesus, I was with Lolita (Mr. Unreliable didn't show up .. see how he got his nickname!?!) so at least she introduced me to the peeps from her firm.

Thanks for the support, as usual, you are awesomeness in a bottle !!!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Omg that picture cracks me up...in SUITS. You are hilarious.

Ok lets see...the 3 you have lined up...I THINK number one? keep us posted.

Must. Find. That. Book. OMG OMG OMG.

Andy said...

So, I may have gone through ALL OF YOUR ARCHIVES in about...1 hour and a half, maybe??

And I agree with Lolita, your writing is very good, so if the lawyer thing doesn't make the cut, you'd be a great writer.

Looking forward to reading more!

LiLu said...

At least it's accountants! Usually girls say that about, like, tattoo artists or guys in a band that will never go anywhere. ;-)

brookem said...

good luck with the online thing! looking forward to hearing about it;)

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

@ Lizzymarie : I'm keeping in touch with number one and three so far.. I flushed number two, he was boring and also seemed bored (with moi ?!) lol.
I gotta find that book too, my nightstand awaits patiently !

@ Andy : Color me flattered ! And it's so incredibly nice of you to let me know by commenting :) Awwwn. My God, bloggies, I love all of you (but I like Andy the best, lol)! Thanks :) I'll try not to let you down !

@ LiLu : True, I have spared my heart many aches by having burning loins for accountants .. lol. Actually, they were accounting students, anyhow, they were smart and fun.

@ brookem : I'll blog more about it for sure, especially if I meet any of them IRL ! Thanks for reading :)