3 May 2009

Goddess of.. Spa day & happiness !

Dearest bloggies,

As you know, I have been suffering from a bad case of the bitch-complains-a-lot recently. However, this weekend has caused a break-trough I think.. Miguel had offered me a gift certificate for a spa-day when I passed the Bar last year. What a blessing .. I can't believe it took me almost a whole year (minus one week) to go to the spa. It was the best time I've had in a loooong time. I spent 4 hours just relaxing and being pampered. How wonderful !

All I could think, the whole time I was there, was how blessed I am to have such a wonderful boyfriend and an overall wonderful life! Sure, times are rough, but aren't they for everyone?! Plus, I really shouldn't complain, there are worse things than being tight money-wise.

I spent a whole afternoon enjoying a therapeutic mud bath, californian massage, sushi lunch, eating fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts, dried fruits and most importantly, silence ! There were lots of couples at the spa and although it seemed nice for them, I really can't imagine Miguel at the spa, wearing a robe (HA-HA-HA!) and getting his feet rubbed by a stanger. LOL.

Alrighty bloggies, this is Aritza, reporting for the balcony and enjoying life to the fullest with the warmth of the sun reflecting on my pale skin ! Ahhh... that's the life !

My new resolution : Don't worry, be happy Bitch !


catherinette said...

God damn it. I want a massage and a mud bath now.

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Hehe, I wish I never left .. it was heaven!
So amazing, no cell phone, nobody could reach me .. but I would've liked to blog live from the spa .. as you did from the ER !