28 March 2009

Goddess of .. Silent Saturday Morning

I'm visiting Lolita in Ottawa this weekend. I arrived last night coming straight from work. The drive wasn't very long but it was my first time driving such a distance, on a road I didn't know, alone. I learned that not only do I tend to belt out tunes @ the wheel to the great misfortune of Lucy (my car).. I also enjoy a good one-way conversation with Pierre, my GPS. I have to admit, it is pretty coo-coo of me ! I was just telling him stuff like "nah-ah, no way, I won't make that U-turn here"... Hahaha!

After I got to Lolita's place, being the good little girls we are, we had some wine, cooked dinner and baked cookies. We stayed in and I feel asleep long before her, who's a chronic insomniac. The result : I'm awake now and she's still sleeping! I love silence .. on a beautiful Saturday morning. Don't get me wrong, I like talking too, but it's nice to have nothing to do or nothing to say .. just for a little while.

Oink Oink, I see a bag of little brownies on the table, I shall pig out before Lolita wakes up :o) Oink, Oink !


Chaotic Bliss said...

That picture is me Every and I mean Every morning! It's hilarious!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

I know, uh ! With the coffee and everything ;o)