23 April 2012

Goddess of.. Weekend of Rugby Fun!

 My weekend in southern Virginia was great!

On Thursday, I spent a few hours in Washington D.C. after my flight landed. I went down to the Washington monument, the Tidal Basin and then Jefferson memorial.. where I was hoping to see the coveted cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Alas, they hadn't bloomed just yet. It's too bad because it was the big parade that weekend, for the Cherry Blossom Festival.. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was disappointed.

It was pretty chilly and windy that day but I walked around for bit and then, headed to Dulles Airport to go pick up Nick at 7pm. It was so wonderful to see him, to be with him again :)

We got to our hotel and had some wine at the bar, we talked for a long time. There's nothing like talking face-to-face... Skype is great but there are some fun silly bits of conversation you miss out on when you're not physically in the same room.

The next day, we drove down to Danville,Virginia (about 4.5 hrs) and we had a lot of fun. It just works well that way for us, road trips are a good time to relax and chat. When we got to Danville, the team had a practice scheduled and we all went for dinner afterwards.

The team of guys is really fun and they're all super nice to me. I had met some of them in Singapore when I went to their practice but hadn't gotten to know them too much.

Saturday, they played 3 games and they did especially well in the first one. Later on, everyone started getting more tired and it started being scorching hot out on the field. I got a sunburn on all my extremities: my nose, hands and feet... Good thing I was wearing 3/4 sleeves and pants. Although I did look like a jackass with my sunburned "gloves". Oh well! Poor Nick got hurt in the last game of the day. He was holding the ball when someone hit him and his middle finger got pulled back. His hand swelled up, it hurt a lot and he wasn't able to make a fist :(

Sunday, Nick couldn't play but we both got dressed in the official "tour kit": berets, striped shirts and a red scarf. Since their school's main campus is in France... the team's tour kit is stereotypically French. We cheered the team on and they won another game!  

Nick got a bandage for his poor hand and since then, the swelling has gone down a lot (he says) and he's almost able to make a fist now. Phew! The medics had told him that it could be a ruptured ligament or tendon... and that could require surgery. I think he'll make a full recovery, but we'll see how he is when he comes to visit next week.

He's flying in on Apr. 30 and will be staying for 10 days. He'll be here for my birthday! I'm so excited :)

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