28 December 2011

Goddess of.. Just The Beginning!

I have yet to update you on my AMAZING trip to France & Portugal! Paris really was just the beginning of an incredible adventure.

After my 2-day stay in Paris and my reunion with Nick, I headed to Strasbourg to meet with Andrea (of @FranceHappened) for a few days.

She greeted me at the train station, hosted me at her place and dedicated two days to showing me a wonderful time in Strasbourg! We walked all over the place, saw all the major attractions, ate great food and lots of pastries :) I had an amazing time and look forward to showing her a great time in My City when she visits (sooner rather than later, Andy? :D).
My only regret? Not being in Strasbourg right now to see the Christmas Markets :) But at least I ate some of the traditional cookies "bredeles".. and I didn't have to withstand the winter cold!

Holiday smooches, XOXO

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