12 October 2011

Goddess of.. My Parisian Fantasy!

Your dreams? My dreams? Our reality.

Or something to that effect, I think John Lennon actually said : "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."

I've been dreaming of Paris for years. As a child, I went to Paris a few times.. I was very lucky to travel a lot with my parents when I was younger. For years, Paris has been my dream city. I have a (un)healthy obsession with the Eiffel tower, striped clothing (marinières à la J-P. Gauthier), macarons and countless other typically-french or Parisian things.

On my upcoming trip, I have 2 days in Paris upon arrival. Mainly to deal with jet-lag and make sure I'll be top shape when I get to Andrea (of @FranceHappened) in Strasbourg, 2 days later!

Simply three things on my to-do list :
  • Visit Le Louvre (the only big attraction I haven't visited).
  • Eat macarons from La Durée or Fauchon (or both). 
  • Attend the opening night of a ballet at Palais Garnier  (w/ costumes by Christian Lacroix).

And then, I was talking to Nick last week:

him: "So you're arriving in Paris on the 22nd?"
me: "Yes, around 9am I think.."
him: "Okay, because I'll meet up with you after your ballet :)"
me: "Oh wow, really? You're not gonna be swamped with school?"
him: "I can take saturday night off. I originally wanted to go to the ballet with you but you said you bought the last ticket before it sold out :("
me: "My god, you're so sweet! I didn't think of inviting you since I know you have 4 exams in the following days.. but that's amazing!"
* And then I blushed like a little girl *
me: "I'm looking forward to seeing you :D"
him: "Me too :D and we can go to that bar you wanted to go to afterwards"
me: "Yay!"

So I guess I'll be seeing him sooner than I thought! Did I mention how excited I am?
    Countdown: 10 days

    Just to clarify, that's a countdown to my trip.. not to the end of my dry-spell. Although... ;)

    P.S. If you like Paris too, reading this will be like porn for you:


    Kate said...

    Jealousy is not a strong enough word for what I'm feeling right now. I want to hear all about it! Or as much as you're willing to share..

    Andrea said...

    Ahhhhh! We're going to have so.much.fuuuuun!