9 May 2011

Goddess of.. 26 candles for moi!

Today marks my 26th birthday so I thought I'd do a year in review:

- The biggest change by far has been to go from no job (not even an interview in sight) on my birthday last year to finding a job I love and getting promoted twice since January! I had a change in responsibilities and a (big fat) raise of 12% in January & just last week :)/

- Another significant change that's been years in the making, is going from living at home with my mom to finding my first apartment and signing a lease. I'll be moving in on July 1st and I am terrified/proud/excited/&-terrified-some-more.

- From single to finding "the pockets I want to put my hands in" (credit to ChelseaTalksSmack for that delicious quote). I've found a great guy (The Aussie) who treats me really well, and shows that he cares in everything he does for me / with me. It's not perfect, but he is by far the sweetest guy I've known :)

... 25 years old was a year of low lows and high highs :) Who knows what 26 has in store?!

Cheers to another year, bloggies!


Kate said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like a good year to me, highs and lows combined.

Novelista Barista said...

happy birthday girlie!!!!!!:) :)

Sarah said...

Happy birthday, hot stuff!

KT said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like everything is going great!

Rhapsody B. said...

blessings and happy be-lated birthday. May this day signify your excellence and limitless possibilities. Reach for the sky and never give up.