23 October 2010

Goddess of.. Scored Big at Beyond The Rack!

Beyond The Rack was having its first warehouse sample sale in my City this weekend.. and being the bargain whore that I am, I simply had to go! It was a long time of waiting out in the cold, rummaging through messy tables with piles and piles of stuff, and trying on clothes in a shared changing room.. but overall, it was worth it.

I managed to find two items I really liked and scored some great deals.

A nice green silk top by Wish Collection for $10.. 
and a wonderful navy blue maxi dress by linQ for $30 (original price $148).

The dress was apparently, bought and worn by both Eva Longoria and Annalynn McCord.

Although all that really matters is that I think 
it looks even better in navy blue 
and I love the way it fits and feels on me :)

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