6 May 2010

Goddess of .. NuvoNova Giveaway Winner !

Once again, a little late because of trouble with my laptop  .. but I've got a NuvoNova giveaway winner for you :o) There's also another giveaway coming up, the last one of the birthday giveaways .. as my birthday is this sunday. I will return to posting my regular rants & raves sometime next week .. I miss posting about regular stuff. I hope you enjoyed the giveaways and I loved giving back to you .. as you've given so much to me with your constant support !

The lucky winner of the NuvoNova necklace is :

Congrats to the wonderful
Sassy Chica Sassy Chica - the blog !

Congrats girl ! The mini-key necklace & pouch you wanted are yours :o)
Send me an email with your home address and NuvoNova will send you your lovely prize very soon !

Thank you all for participating !

Oh ! And I just want to throw it out there, I am NOT receiving ANY kind of compensation for doing these giveaways. I support NuvoNova's etsy store simply and fully because I love every one of her items and I asked her to do a giveaway with me as a "Thank you" to my loyal followers.

Have a great week, bloggies !

I will be posting another wonderful giveaway later..
.. so come back and enter for your chance to win :)


Mademoiselle Deva said...

woo hoo! Sassy Chica has won! Good for her!

How are you beautiful???

gustosa said...


Kristin said...

Congrats to the lucky lady! She is such a sweetie!

Sassy Chica said...

MY HEART IS HAPPY...I am tickled with pure joy I say!! I am feeling like the luckiest Chica on the earth! I love, love, love this necklace, as it is symbolic and almost like a sign that I own the key to my heart...I have had it this entire time, I just didnt know it! Thank you so much my fellow Goddess, I will think of you and your generosity when I wear it!

Sassy Chica

I apologize for not resonding to your email, it was stuck in my spam! THank you for visiting my blog and letting me know!