15 May 2010

Goddess of .. The Mod Market Giveaway Winner !

I am preparing a long and detailed post about the celebrations that took place last saturday for my 25th birthday .. but before hittin' publish on that one, I want to announce the VERY LUCKY winner of the final (for this year) B'day Giveaway !

One reader will get this beautiful
Cream frayed rosette headband with pearl center
from my wonderfully generous sponsor : The Mod Market 
.. in the mail, very very soon !

And that The Mod Market winner is:

Congrats to the adorable
Siovhan The Siovhan Show !

Congrats girly ! This cream headband will look great in your gorgeous blond locks :o)
Send me an email with your home address and The Mod Market will send you your lovely prize very soon !

Thank you all for participating in My 25th Birthday giveaways !
I hope you liked the items that I featured here :o)

P.S. To my four lucky winners (Summer, Non Sequitur Chica, Sassy Chica & Siovhan) .. CONGRATS !

Oh ! And I just want to throw it out there, I am NOT receiving ANY kind of compensation for doing these giveaways. I support The Mod Market's etsy store simply and fully because I love every one of their items and I asked them to do a giveaway with me as a "Thank you" to my loyal followers.

1 comment:

siovhan said...

This just made my whole WEEK! Thanks you gorgeous girl! And HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!
and I'm gonna email you right now. :)