19 April 2010

Goddess of .. Charming Rebecca Giveaway Winner !

 Good morning, Bloggies ! How was your weekend ?
I hope it was as fun as mine :o)

I spent my friday night with a bunch of my girlfriends (and two of their boyfriends)
at a Brasilian restaurant we'd been wanting to try for a while !  

The food was wonderful : All-you-can-eat 10 sorts of meat grilled on charcoal (pork sausages, chicken , turkey wrapped in bacon, roast pork, top sirloin, strip sirloin, flat sirloin, contre-filet, rib of beef, rib steak, filet mignon, lamb, etc.), served with all-you-can-eat mixed greens salad, sweet potatoes, rice and sauteed mushrooms ! Delicious !! One after the other, the waiters came to our table with a different type of meat and they would slice it fresh in our plates, it was so fun and the meat was juicy !

And dessert : Grilled pineapple with cinnamon or vanilla ice cream, + coffee or tea !

Oh and we can't forget the entertainment : Samba dancers !

Then, on saturday night, I was expecting to start entering the data / entries for the Charming Rebecca giveaway in an Excel spreadsheet .. yes, those were my totally exciting typical saturday plans. However, around 11pm, my friend Violet called me and we decided to go out for drinks ! We had such a blast, good conversation, good drinks and we met some cool people :o)

And on sunday afternoon, I met up with Violet again : We walked around town for about an hour, fed peanuts to some squirrels and pigeons (Yes, we're totally aware that we are strange pigeon ladies, à la Home Alone, lol.) and then, we stopped for lunch (warm vegetable soup & swiss cheese burger).

On the walk back home, we stopped at the park and enjoyed the sun a little. It was laid-back, relaxing and very fun ! Who said crazy pigeon ladies can't have fun ?!


You've been very patient, listening to me yap-yap-yap away about my weekend and my pigeons ! Unless you just skipped to this part, either way, I love you and I thank you for visiting my blog. But if you read the whole thing, I love you more. Also, I wanted say thanks for entering the giveaway .. I had WAY more entries than I ever thought possible and hopefully, you enjoyed discovering Charming Rebecca's items !! After spending hours on Excel, entering all your comments / entries to the giveaway, I have the results of the Charming Rebecca giveaway for you.. drumroll, please !

The lucky winner of one item of your choice
from Charming Rebecca's Etsy store is :

The wonderfully sweet and inspiring

Congrats girl ! Now the fun begins, picking your new piece of jewelry :o)

Thank you all for participating !
Don't forget to enter this week's giveaway, there's more stuff to win..


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

I won? How did that happen? I have no luck at all! This is sweet. I like Monday (today, at least).

PS - 10 kinds of meat and ME in one post = HEAVEN!


bananas. said...

um...that brazilian spot sounds glorious. i've never had brazilian. need to try ASAP!

congrats to summer b!!!