8 January 2010

Goddess of .. Feel Good Friday - Volume 1 !

Welcome one and all, to the very first edition of the
"Feel Good (About Yourself) Friday" !

Hi bloggies (You're looking good today!),

I am launching this new feature, and hope that you will all join me, to help us all further develop our self esteem because frankly, we're all REALLY awesome and I think we just don't know it yet ! I don't need to tell you how important it is to know your worth in order to realize your dreams and get what you really want out of life, right ?

Maybe, like myself, you know this perfectly well but you're struggling with it .. no worries, "Feel Good Friday" are here to help. Every week (or so) I will post something to feel good about and you can do the same on your blogs. It doesn't have to be anything complicated, maybe just list some things you like about yourself and invite others to do the same :o)

Think of "Feel Good (About Yourself) Fridays" as a day to shamelessly toot your own horn, to cut yourself some slack & to pat yourself on the back and say "good job" ..

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Today's Feel Good question  :

What's your favorite physical attribute about yourselves, bloggies?
Why ? And what do you do to feature it ?

Think about it this way ..
If you could only keep one physical attribute from your body in this life,
to transfer to your new body in your next life,
which one would you pick ?

My answer :

I'd have to say my lips.

I like them because I think the shape is perfect. The top lip has just the right curve and shape around the cupid's bow, it's not flat and boring. The bottom lip is just full enough to look delicious (if I do say so myself) without looking fake, hehehe.
I usually just keep my lips bare during the day at work because it feels better that way (and bright or dark lipstick/gloss can be a little too much for the office) but I looove putting some Sephora lip gloss when I go out at night.. right now the pink-o-lada color is my favorite shade !

I usually go for light pink shades because I think it suits my skintone (super pale), eyes (light blue) and hair (blonde) better than dark colors and makes my lips look even plumper (is that a word ??). *smoooch*

What about you bloggies?

I'm impatiently awaiting to hear about your best features and beauty tips / secrets. Make sure to showcase your beauty this weekend, you'll feel goooood !


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Sapphyre said...

This is such a great idea! I did one. :)

Kristin said...

What a fun new feature. I'm quite proud of my shouldes. Weird but true!

Miss Always Carried Away said...

OMG!!! It's such a great idea!!!! should I do it on Friday????

I have to say I love my eyes and lips! Some men told me that I work with my eyes, that I can hypnotize... and yes I like them, they are big, very big!!! and I have big sensual lips! I like this nice combination!!!

DARLIN... IM BACK! How are you??

Cleo. said...

I think I am in the minority of girls who like their bums ;)
it hels that my two best friends are obsessed and won't let me walk behind them in the street, they're such good self esteem boosters :)