26 March 2009

About The Others

Alrighty, the main characters you need to know about are:

: BFF, met in college. I've known her for 10 years now. Went through Law School together. She's now a successful lawyer. She hasn't had the best of luck with men (cheaters, commitment-phobics, etc... she's seen it all). I missed her incredibly when she moved to Ottawa for a year or when I moved to Paris. She came to visit me in September 2012 and we went to Berli(read about our trip) together . Fun times!

Mom: She made me from scratch. She's hands-down one of the most incredible people I know. The most generous and the kindest overall. She spoils me and loves me to bits. I try to do the same for her :) We've traveled quite a bit together, I think that when I buy her a trip with me as a present, it always makes her really happy because of all the quality time we get together on those trips. For Christmas 2010, I bought her a trip to Turks & Caicos.. and we had a blast. And in 2009, I took her to Philadelphia (read about our trip) for her 60th birthday!

Nick: Love of my life, dating since July 2011. We met 2 days before he was moving away for his MBA. We did the long distance thing for a year while he was studying abroad and are now happily living in Paris together! We've traveled a lot together already: France & Portugal (read about it), Canada, USA (read about it), Singapore & Malaysia (read about it), Greece (read about it), Italy (read about it), Austria, Spain.. and more to come!

Bunny: Close girlfriend, we met in college and bumped into each other at a wedding in 2010. She got me the job where I worked for 3 years (until March 2013) in web marketing. She works in marketing for another company now but we're good friends! We hang out when I'm back home.

VioletClose girlfriend, met her through a friend in 2009. For a year, we were both single and  ready to mingle. We'd hangout all the time because she had a really flexible schedule and I was working less. She's been a great friend ever since! Now happily engaged to be married in September 2013. Hurray!

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